Two legendary apples have come together in a Wild Twist. The explosively juicy crunch of Honeycrisp combined with the intricate flavor of Cripps Pink creates an experience you won't want to miss. Two favorites. One great apple.

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Had an apple lately?

If you did, chances are your apple was distributed through Hess Bros. Fruit Company, a superior, high-quality apple wholesaler located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The family owned and operated business sorts, cleans, packages and exports over twenty varieties of local homegrown apples to supermarkets and retail outlets across the eastern United States and beyond.

Hess Bros.’ success begins with their growers – a wide range of top-quality orchards and farms located in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and New York. We work with each individual grower to ensure they produce the freshest apples. After the fruit is harvested, we continue the process of sorting, cleaning, packaging and distribution utilizing our highly skilled employees, modern facility and dedicated independent carriers to place the absolute best possible apples in your hand!