Consumer FAQ

Q. Where are your apples grown?

We partner with quality growers in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and Maryland.

Q. How do you supply fresh apples all year?

Our apples are harvested in the fall and are put into refrigerated storage. Apples that meet long term storage requirements are put into controlled atmosphere rooms. With controlled atmosphere technology, apples can go to sleep for almost a year and be as fresh as when they were harvested.

Q. What are your pesticide policies?

We subscribe to a limited use of approved pesticides and use other methods of control whenever possible. Our growers follow integrated pest management practices that include, but are not limited to the use of traps, mating interruption and hormones. We follow the Good Agricultural Practices safe food procedures as recommended by the USDA. Food safety is a top priority here at Hess Brothers and we continually look for ways to provide healthier apples.

Q. Are your apples coated with anything?

Yes, our apples are coated with a food grade wax. This wax is safe to eat and is USDA approved. The wax helps to maintain the apple's attractiveness and help preserve its quality during storage and transportation.

Q. What apples make the best applesauce?

We have heard many answers to this question over the years. Everyone seems to have their favorite, but we have found Cortland apples to be the most popular choice. Please consult our Apple Reference Chart to try a new variety!

Q. I have noticed that Rome apples sometimes have a reddish tint to the flesh, why is this?

Rome apples have a deep red pigmentation in the skin that will sometimes "bleed" into the white flesh. It is completely harmless and natural. Some years it is worse than others because of growing conditions. It is not an artificial dye or artificial coloring.