Hess Brothers sources apples from a large network of local growers. Most of the orchards that provide apples to Hess Brothers are located in the Mid-Atlantic region within a 300 – 400 mile radius of the facility. This allows Hess Brothers to remain “hands-on” at all times and guarantees the fruit that is purchased and shipped is always fresh. Growers are hand selected and a field consultant from Hess Brothers works closely (in some cases weekly) with each one to ensure that they produce the best fruit possible. Field consultants cultivate relationships with each grower; they provide tips and information on planting, harvesting and varieties, determine usability, predict bushels and much more. Hess Brothers has partnered with some growers for over 30 years.


Packed & Ready-to-go!

After being cleaned and sorted by variety, food-grade wax is applied to all apples. Apples are waxed to maintain freshness and give them a better visual appeal. The wax replaces the "natural" wax that is stripped when the apples are washed and cleaned. This food grade wax is perfectly safe to eat.

Apples are then packaged for distribution. Hess Brothers strives to meet the needs of their retailers and offers a variety of package options which vary per wholesale outlet. Much of what Hess Bros. packages is “packaged-to-order”. Hess Brothers also provides private label options for many clients.

Our apples are shipped locally, regionally, nationally and internationally – year round!